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Packaging Design Trends 2015

2015 is approaching and Ambalaj presents an overview of 5 crucial trends in the food packaging industry. Let’s walk them through and give some examples from the market, kicking off with trend #1 Simplify Life:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 20.57.16

The world today is in an endless information overload. People are overwhelmed and craving for peaceful zones, somewhere to reload and recharge. There is a growing need of simplistic packaging experiences – intuitive, legible, convenient on-the-go, easy to open, with no fuzz – all for a more efficient everyday life.

packaging design trends 2015 simplify life 1Using a simplistic design to showcase the natural ingredients. It is what you see, nothing else. Green Press designed by Angus Nicholls

packaging design trends 2015 simplify life 2

Simplistic and iconic packaging shapes and brand identity. Communicating the freshness of the dairy product. Novosibirsk Dairy Company’s designed by Brenda Creative Studio

packaging design trends 2015 simplify life 3

With a mindset to reduce rather than add elements. Simplistic yet clear what product it is. Harmonian, designed by Mousegraphics

packaging design trends 2015 simplify life 5Challenging the category with a symbolic and stylized approach, using abstract fruit shapes to differentiate flavour and variant. Ashridge Drinks designed by Buddy Creative

packaging design trends 2015 simplify life 6

Egg cartons printed with a very limited color palette, using only two inks. Ous Empordà egg packaging designed by Senyor Estudi

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Beer with gold leaf

Gul snö pang pang förpackningsdesign öl

Pang Pang brewery is launching a golden beer. The Stockholm based brewery Pang Pang is one of the most experimental beer brands in Sweden, and as Christmas is approaching they are launching a very unique one – brewed with gold leaf. The gold leaves are added in the end of the process and is clearly visible through the bottle. It creates like a golden snow globe. The beer contains 7,9% alcohol, symbolic since gold has number 79 in the periodic table. The beer is called ”Yellow snow” and comes in 1900 bottles – bottles with a champagne-like style.

Froosh in paper packaging

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.18.57

lamican structure

froosh packaging design 2

Froosh, now in paper packaging, Lamican. Froosh, an independent swedish company with offices in stockholm, copenhagen, helsinki and oslo. They have been revolutionising the beverage shelf with their intriguing and controversial messages on the packages. ”Our business is fruit: we don’t do anything else. our froosh products are designed to give consumers in the nordic countries a convenient, delicious and healthy way to get more fruit into their diet and make it a little easier to live a healthy life.” Designed by Pearlfisher.

100% plant based


Tetra Pak launches the industry’s first beverage carton made entirely from plant based, renewable packaging materials. The new Tetra Rex® carton will be the first in the market to have bio-based low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films and bio-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps, both derived from sugar cane, in addition to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ™) certified paperboard.​” Go Tetra Pak!

Vessyl knows what you are drinking

vessyl food beverage packaging design

vessyl food beverage packaging design trends 2014

vessyl packaging innovation and design trend

Vessyl – Packaging designed for people’s different needs, by Fuseproject ”Have you heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day? Well, it’s not that simple. Truth is… we all have different hydration needs. Your Vessyl estimates, tracks and displays your real-time hydration needs. Your level rises and declines based on a variety of factors. Vessyl automatically knows and tracks everything you drink (calories, caffeine, fats, sugars, etc). So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, regulate caffeine, or stay hydrated, Vessyl helps you keep track of what matters to you. Your Vessyl connects to iOS and Android mobile devices. So all of your nutrient data gets updated to your mobile device.”

Blossa 2014

blossa 2014 food packaging innovation 2 Blossa 2014 Food Innovation Packaging Design 1


Every year the Swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year inspired by France. Lavender from southern France blended with a selection of white wines and traditional mulled wine spices. Designed by Scandinavian Design Group.

Tomorrow Machine

tomorrow machine future packaging design 1

tomorrow machine innovation design packaging food

tomorrow machine susainable packaging design 2

tomorrow machine sustainable packaging design

tomorrow machine packaging innovation

tomorrow machine innovation design food packaging

Re-defining packaging for food, by Tomorrow Machine. A Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specialized in package, product and food concepts. ”We believe in looking at the world from a creative point of view to shape the innovations of tomorrow.” The images above are showing 1. Basmati rice wrapped in a pyramid of soft beeswax, soy-ink printed and dusted with pearlescent robin’s egg blue. 2. Caramelized sugar, coated with wax, to be cracked like an egg to be opened 3. Gel of the agar-agar seaweed and water, made for drinks that have a short life span and needs to be refrigerated.

Bassett Espresso

bassett coffee brand food packaging 2

bassett coffee brand food packaging 1

bassett coffee brand food packaging 4

bassett coffee brand food packaging 3

bassett coffee brand

Designed by Squad Ink. “Paul Bassett, former World Barista Champion, is the visionary behind Bassett Espresso. Bassett Espresso is a reflection of Paul’s personal taste. It portrays his journey of creative expression and the continuation of his relationship with coffee, capturing the imagination and potential of quality espresso. Our challenge is to ensure that the brand confidently represents Paul Bassett and his unique approach to producing quality coffee whilst creating a highly marketable product with strong retail appeal. Paul’s connection to coffee tradition needed to be translated through our work, so we consulted with him closely to discover that his open mindfulness allows him to continue to explore coffee’s sensory possibilities through technical refinement. With this in mind, we began rebuilding the brand starting with a revision of the name from Paul Bassett Espresso to ‘Bassett Espresso’. The use of the classic typeface, allows the logo to be commanding with a nod to tradition. Another important brand device is the custom pattern, derived from a European tessellated tile pattern. The graphic seamlessly aligns art and geometry, symbolising Paul’s approach to coffee as both creative and technical. The final packaging solution demonstrates an aesthetic that is purposely restrained yet bold through its beautifully considered typography, graphic detail and flawless production.

Tolånga Smör

tolånga smör förpackning design food packaging

tolånga smör logo förpackning design

Tolånga smör is a micro dairy in southern Sweden. The butter is produced of ecological and unpasteurised cream and flavored with untreated sea salt from Camargue. The packaging is made by the owner Louise Andersson who, when she´s not churning butter, is working as a landscape architect. The butter contains of a few but very good ingredients and the process is a contemporary handicraft with historic roots. Simplicity and quality, past and present – from the product to the packaging.

Absolut Craft

Absolut Craft Food Packaging Design 1

Absolut Craft Food Packaging Design 2

Designed by No Picnic in cooperation with The Brand Union. And nominated to the German Design Award 2015. ”The original ABSOLUT bottle was inspired by a Swedish apothecary bottle, now one of the most recognizable bottles in the world and the most portrayed in art. Retaining this iconic silhouette, ABSOLUT CRAFT reflects the brand’s heritage by featuring the alchemic symbol for distillation. The color coating is inspired by 17th century apothecary jars and protects natural ingredients.”


unelefante chocolates food packaging design 1

unelefante chocolates food packaging design trends

unelefante chocolates food packaging design 3

unelefante chcolate food packaging design trends 2

Designed by Unelefante, Mexico. “Before founding Unelefante, I designed and produced jewelry and other fashion accessories for over ten years, so I know for sure a few things. Most people are not willing to take risks when buying a product, specially if it’s a gift, so, why not turn an ordinary something into a very unique experience. This is our main principle. Having this knowledge on hand and my passion for art and anything with an eye-catching harmony were catalysts when designing the Pollock bar and packaging. We change the colors to create new harmonies and to differentiate product lots. Also, labeling products can be hideous, specially if it’s by hand and you have hundreds of pieces in front of you, but it’s very fun to label the Pollock bars, labels are glued depending on were you have a better visual of the pattern created with the paint splashes. It’s relaxing.”

Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

intermarche-inglorious-fruits-and-vegetables-posteringlorious fruits and vegetables logo

inglorious veggies potatoe

grotesque apple large

testsoup package inglorious vegetables

”Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day can seem like a difficult task if you aren’t counting fries within that number. Sadly, approximately 300 million tons of food is wasted in a year; including those vegetables you never got around to eating. Intermarché, a chain of French supermarkets decided to do their part by purchasing the  fruits and vegetables their suppliers usually throw away and sell them at a discounted price. For people to realize that the misshapen vegetables and fruits were just as good as their regular produce, they distributed ”inglorious” fruit juices and soups. The end result? A success! They quickly sold out, and brought both attention and an easy solution to food waste.”

WikiPearl – Edible Packaging

wikipearl edible food packaging design 2

wikipearltech edible packaging design

wikipearl edible food packaging design

WikiPearl™ by WikiFoods. ”Our goal is to produce edible food & beverage packaging solutions, which make other packaging materials, like plastic or paper, unnecessary. WikiPearl™ comes from an idea of bio-creator and Harvard professor David Edwards. Following an enlightening conversation about ”tensegrity” with Ken Snelson, a New York sculptor, Dr. Edwards wondered whether it would be possible to design food and beverage packaging like nature designs fruits and vegetables. The first commercial WikiFoods products, was WikiPearl Ice cream and frozen yogurt, and was launched in France and the USA in 2013. New Wikipearls products are being created every day. From ice cream, cheese, and frozen yogurt to fruits, vegetables, water, cocktails and soups.

How to recreate 36 World Cuisines with 3 spices


Via Visually

Sechzisch & Vierzisch

Sechzisch Vierzisch packaging design 1 Sechzisch Vierzisch packaging design 2

”‘Sechzisch Vierzisch’ takes the classic ‘Persching’ drink from Germany’s Rheinhessen region and turns it into a hip and lovingly crafted mixed wine beverage. To folks in Mainz, the name on the bottle says it all: a blend of sixty (sechzisch) percent rosé wine and forty (vierzisch) percent orange soda produces a peach-hued drink (hence the Rhenish Hessian name ”Persching”) that is served, oddly enough, in a beer bottle. Those are the dry facts.

The legend goes like this: once upon a time, 200 years ago, a clumsy winemaker’s wife named Lotte had a bike accident, and the oranges she was carrying fell into a wine trough. Unaware of what had happened, her husband, Henry, stomped the grapes as usual and marveled at the strange orange color. Once Lotte had explained the mishap and Henry knew he didn’t want his harvest to go to waste, he proceeded to further process the pulpy mix into wine…. That’s Sechzisch Vierzisch’s own anecdote about the company’s creation.” Via Sturm und Drang

Almond Milk LA

almond milk LA packaging design 3

almond milk LA packaging design 7

almond milk LA packaging design 1

almond milk LA packaging design 6

Almond Milk LA - Almond Milk made from Californian almonds. In a traditional glass bottle, and also possible to get delivered to the door step. If you haven’t tried Almond Milk before here are some ways to use it: ”Drink it straight with a cookie – it’s creamy and yummy and refreshing when chilled. Use it as a base for smoothies, pour it over cereal, or warm it on the stove on a cold night with another cookie. Almond milk is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phyotchemicals, living enzymes, and healthy omega fatty acids including calcium, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, B12, and potassium.”

Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery packaging design 3

Pressed Juicery packaging design food innovation 1

PressedJuicery beverage packaging innovation design

Pressed Juicery was born out of the idea that in order to find fulfillment and balance each day, modern people need to be armed with a fresh set of tools that are simple, convenient, and tailored to their hectic schedules. We believe that everyone is entitled to live their best lives, but in order for this to happen, we need to get back to our roots. While the benefits of juicing are endless, we aim to cut through the confusion and condescension of so many health trends and get to the point: Our bodies require vital nutrients to function at their optimal levels.”

Swedish Kombucha

svensk kombucha packaging design 2Swedish Kombucha is a small microbrewery in Stockholm – which started its business during spring, 2011. ”We started drinking Kombucha during our college years in early 2000’s in New York where it is a common and popular health drink. We missed our daily bottled of “Booch” back in Sweden and started brewing our own.”

Health should be simple. Kombucha is tea created by a fermentation process that has vitamins, good bacteria and antioxidants. All we have done is to put it in a pretty bottle for you. Kombucha is a carbonated health drink based on organic tea and contains living bacteria/yeast culture, B-vitamins, antioxidants, organic acidsand enzymes. It’s a fizzy and refreshing thirst quencher – a great alternative to Vitamin Water and energy drinks.

Emily Fruit Crisps

emily fruit crisps packaging design 2emily fruit crisps packaging design 1

emily fruit crisps packaging design 3

Emily Fruit Crisps, a start-up brand targeted towards a female audience. Designed by Big Fish. ”Pack designs for ‘Emily Fruit Crisps’ – ‘all the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a crisp’. The brand was created by Big Fish for AWE Foods, a start-up business based in London. Targeted unapologetically at a female audience, Emily is an exciting, vibrant new entry into the ‘better for you’ snack market.”

Jugen Health Foods

jugen health juice packaging design 1

jugen health juice packaging design 3

jugen health juice packaging design 4

jugen health juice packaging design 2

jugen health foods interior packaging design 3

jugen health foods packaging design 1

jugen health foods packaging design 2

Designed by Anagrama. ”Jugen is a brand specializing in health foods and speciality juices that are made from all-natural ingredients. Jugen’s products are created with the purpose to cleanse, heal, and detoxify the body. Their design proposal took inspiration from ancient herbal medicine bottles. Anagrama added modules to provide a look that is clean and modern. For the interior design Anagrama created a space that is a mix between a bar and an apothecary shop. The lighting is mostly natural light from the sun and combined with the lush vegetation. The lab equipment flasks and the diverse books create a natural, warm, and inclusive space.”

Brezza Blend – Starbucks

brezza blend packaging design 3

brezza blend packaging design 2

brezza blend starbucks packaging design 1

A new herbal bag made for Starbucks‘ Brezza Blend, by Starbucks

”The design’s geometric patterning is an interpretation of the sun’s rays and the heat of summer, also taking inspiration from textile patterns found in coffee-growing origins. We arranged blocks of color to suggest a mountainous coffee landscape, through which the sun’s rays shine. The bright color palette evokes the excitement and energy of spring and early summer and some of the ‘golden’ flavors of the coffee.” Via The Dieline

El Tejocote

Packaging Design Tejocote 1

Tejocote packaging design 2

tejocote packaging design 3

Designed by Futura. ”The client is a family business in Saltillo Coahuila. They harvest the fruits themselves and transform them into traditional candy and preserves.

They opened the doors of their business and their own home to us, treating us like family. Due to that we were able to get inspiration directly from their kitchen, where they had a lot of crocks made of pewter, a very traditional material used in Mexico for many years. That’s the reason why we used pewter texture as the main element of the branding. The client surprised us with very accurate references of design, places and food around the world, that motivated us to propose a different solution for their project.”

Ridna Marka Juice

ridna marka juice packaging design 1

ridna marka juice packaging design 2

ridna marka juice packaging design 3

ridna marka juice packaging design 4

mapka juice packaging design 3

1st Place in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage category, The Dieline Awards 2014. ”Ridna Marka (Native Brand) is a new Ukrainian juice line consisting of four basic flavors: clear apple, orange, tomato and cloudy apple. The inspiration for design, as well as the brand name, has been taking from Soviet style of 60s and 70s. The idea was not just to recreate romantic “look and feel” of grocery in USSR and evoke childhood nostalgia for the older generation. Design should attract young people who know about that time only from the stories of their parents. It is a fact that the childhood memories are always the best. In this case we believe that retro products are perceived as guaranteed quality and particularly tasty.” Designed by Yurko Gutsulyak. Via The Dieline.

Evian – La Goutte

danone waters la goutte packaging on the go

Danone Waters France launches la Goutte, 20 cl of evian that you can drink on the go by bying it directly from delivery tricycles or from unique places such as prestigious boutiques, spas, luxury resorts…

Norwegian Ambassadør

ambassador vodka packaging design 1

ambassador vodka packaging design 3ambassador vodka packaging design 2ambassador vodka packaging design 4

”Packaging and identity for Norwegian Ambassadør, a premium vodka for the russian market. The design is based on the geometry of the cross within the norwegian flag. The use of ”Ø” in the name is a nod to the norwergian language and thus gives the brand a unique flair. Finalist in ‘Packaging Alcoholic Drinks’ category at European Design Awards 2013.”

Marou Chocolate Treasure

marou packaging design 2

marou packaging design 1

marou packaging design 3

marou packaging design 4

Nice chocolate packaging, designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam. ”Marou Chocolate hand selected the finest cacao beans grown on small family-owned farms on the remote island of Tan Phu Dong (Đảo Kho Báu), stretching from the two northernmost arms of the Mekong Delta all the way into the sea. This is a truly the rarest of rare chocolate.

Production numbers are low due to the availability of this precious cacao. Rice Creative’s approach to the packaging was to maintain the primary elements of the brand, but introduce a different, more adventurous graphic language, with a vintage map of the area, and drawn calligraphy. We hoped to convey the spirit of discovery and rarity.”

Trending by Jonas Lundin

Jonas Lundin, Industrial Design Director and Brand Strategist at NINE, based in Stockholm, is writing about the new dawn for the stand-up pouch.


”About a decade ago, the packaging industry anticipated a new revolution in packaging, even if not new to the world (The patent hails back from the 1960s), the Stand-Up-Pouch packaging solution were popping up in shelves around the globe, not only in the usual-suspect orange-beverage it’s so heavily associated with, but in more premium categories and brands. However, the predicted boom were, if a boom at all, short-lived as a more premium packaging. The shiny, often flimsy, pouches weren’t perceived by consumers as neither functional, premium nor in-line with current trends, and retailers weren’t too happy about the little bags that seemingly lived their own life on the shelves. But perhaps the time is now, with improved rigidity, refined closures (screw-tops, spouts and even velcro solutions), and a shift towards more matte and paper-feel finishes that tags along well with current trends of ecology, craftsmanship and a general tiredness of over-packaged products, the Stand-Up may just win consumers hearts across categories.”

Good Apples Skoop Pouch Packaging Design

Alex Bugovsky of CP+B fame, together with US, Colorado based Good Apples. They recently created a rather intriguing packaging for Superfood maker Skoop, sporting a tongue-in-cheek copy and info-graphic-esque design.

oloves pouch olive packaging design

Oloves recently re-branded and re-packed their range of olives into stand-up-pouches with a matte, paper-feel finish and hand-drawn graphics. packaging design pouch

Noteworhty is also US based Pentagram’s re-brand of’s packaging. With bright ”here-I-am” colour-scheme and matte finish, that is for sure standing out in the snacks-section.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho Andaluz by Come Home is a very nice food concept, with a beautiful retail packaging solution.

Celebrate with milk

 A bottle of conventional milk served in a festive cava bottle. By Örange BCN


Black and golden olive oil packaging from Oliveology. ”This limited edition oil is individually numbered. Only 320 numbered and signed tins are available. Oliveology was created in 2009 as a means of sharing and enjoying the culinary treasures and gastronomic traditions of Greece.  We only work with independent, artisan farmers who produce truly high quality items using traditional and sustainable techniques. In this way we can help preserve traditional methods and support independent local producers in Greece.”