Food is not just essential, but an experience through all the human senses. And packaging is the ideal storyteller, with the potential to increase the value of a food product. Ambalaj is an innovation agency with excellence in food packaging, supporting brands in their definition of the future food experience - through trend insights, strategy and design.

Blossa 2014 Food Innovation Packaging Design 1

Blossa 2014

Every year the Swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year inspired by France. Lavender from southern France blended with a selection of white wines and traditional mulled wine [...]

tomorrow machine future packaging design 1

Tomorrow Machine

Re-defining packaging for food, by Tomorrow Machine. A Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specialized in package, product and food concepts. ”We believe in looking at the world from [...]

bassett coffee brand food packaging 1

Bassett Espresso

Designed by Squad Ink. “Paul Bassett, former World Barista Champion, is the visionary behind Bassett Espresso. Bassett Espresso is a reflection of Paul’s personal taste. It portrays his journey of [...]