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Änglamark vs. I love Eco

I have been in Sweden this week. The two most important grocery stores, Ica and Coop has one ecological collection each under their own trade marks. During last spring Ica launched “I love Eco” and by looking on the shelves it seems like it’s growing big. Identity works is the design strategists behind the collection and they just got rewarded for the design. Coop’s “Änglamark” on the other hand has been around for many years. You don’t find a lot of information about the packaging design in any of these eco-food collections. Today when I used Änglamark’s laundry detergent I reacted on the packaging material. Thin, brownish and it felt like something recyclable, in comparison to the “I love Eco” products I’ve seen. Anyhow; I’m wondering about both brand’s packaging design strategies. If you would have some more info, feel free to send me an email.

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