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Happy Eggs – Student Work

The Happy Eggs packaging for organic eggs. Designed by Maja Szczypek, a student based in Warsaw, Poland. The packaging design is supposed to make the customer feel that what they have before them is 100% natural. It promotes the use of organic materials and sustainability in production. Maja explains ”The hay drawpiece is cheap and easy in production. It is made with heateded press, out of widely available material.” The project made it to the final of make me! 2013 contest.


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  1. Riaz Ahmad skriver:

    Hi, I m really very much impressed by this packaging of organic eggs. I am also a farmer and producing organic eggs for sale in the market. I want to know how this beautiful packaging can be made or is their any source from where I could get this packaging. I am from Pakistan. I will be so grateful if you let me know about this all. Thanks and regards. Riaz Ahmad.

  2. aleem jassani skriver:

    hello riaz how are you. I am from india just want to know can you import eggs ?? Please send me an email at

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